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Masters Degree

J. Master of Engineering in Biological Engineering

In special cases, a student may petition the Graduate Committee to recommend, on behalf of the Department, the awarding of a Master’s degree (SM) without field specification. The petition should be submitted early in the student’s residence.

Required Subjects & Units

  • 20.200 + 20.S952
  • Additional courses to be determined based on the student’s needs/interests in consultation with the advisor.

The requirements for this degree are a minimum of 66 units, approved for “G or H” credit, of which 42 units must be “Graduate H” level. Research (20.950) and Thesis (20.951 and 20.THG) do not count towards the unit requirement.

Thesis Requirement

The SM candidate must write and submit an acceptable Thesis in the field of Biological Engineering that is approved and signed by the research advisor and the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee. The format should follow the same format as the PhD thesis. The student must provide a final version of the thesis to the Academic Office by the date posted on the MIT Academic Calendar. The thesis supervisor and the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee must sign the title page of the thesis. An internal Course XX thesis reader is required if the student’s advisor is outside BE.