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The purpose of this manual is to assemble information in one location for the convenience of graduate students in the Department of Biological Engineering (Course XX) and their supervisors. This document is not comprehensive, nor does the information contained herein supersede or have priority over that contained in the MIT Bulletin or the Graduate Education Manual. Students should also consult the MIT Academic Calendar and Student Resources.

The BE Graduate Program Committee reserves the right of further interpretation and modification of the information herein on an ongoing basis. Suggested additions or corrections are welcomed and should be addressed to the Graduate Program Committee through the BE Academic Office (, Room 16-267). 

Graduate Program Committee

Academic policy for graduate students is the responsibility of the Graduate Program Committee; students should feel free to consult with its members at any time. 

Department Leadership

BE Academic Office

  • Dalia Fares, Academic Officer 617.253.5804
  • Susan Jaskela, Graduate Program Coordinator 617.253.1712
  • Catherine Greene, Undergraduate Academic Administrator 617.452.2465